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Q: How much do you charge?

A: There are a lot of aspects that go into pricing, so we always like to have a conversation first to find out more about your event, but most wedding couples that book make an investment of around $2895 for both ceremony and reception. Especially for weddings, this is the first time many couples have looked to hire a DJ, so we love being able to offer ideas and answer questions you may not have thought to ask. We'll discuss a variety of options and possibilities with you, so that you can decide what best fits your needs. Weddings by Stacie is a Boutique Wedding Entertainment Company, providing a very personal and highly specialized level of service.  


​Q: Aren't all DJs the same? Why are you more expensive than someone else I contacted?

A: All packages are to book Stacie, nothing is subcontracted out, so you're getting a one of a kind experience! Just like your other vendors - photographers, caterers, venue, etc. they all provide a different style, feel, and outcome for your day. Price alone is not always an accurate way to compare, since you're getting a service that greatly varies between each person/company. Regardless of who you use, we always recommend meeting with the person that will be DJing your wedding and making sure you feel comfortable with them and that they will be a good fit for what you're wanting.​​


Q: Why hire a DJ? Isn't it just like a human spotify?
A: While some DJs "just play music", we provide an entire experience. Music is carefully selected and mixed live in a way that maintains a steady energy and keeps the interest of the dancers/listeners, as well as provides a fun, creative, and musically smooth production. Even if you have a playlist you love, the particular songs, or their order, may not be working for a specific group of people, or translate well to a dance floor, so the ability to read a crowd and change as needed is a large factor in keeping an engaged dancing atmosphere. The MC aspect is also especially important for weddings - to maintain the flow of your day, let everyone know what is going on, and create seamless transitions.

Q: Am I booking you, or someone else that works for you?
A: All events are to book Stacie as your DJ and MC. We do not subcontract out other DJs. The person you talk to and meet with is the person you get.

Q: Help! Where do I start? How do I hire a DJ?
A: We always recommend meeting for a consultation. Getting together face to face is a great way to find out more about each other. We'll ask you questions about what you're wanting, you're likes/dislikes, family dynamics, ideas you may have, personal tastes and style, etc. Even if you don't know what you want, we'll get to talking and can figure it out together. We also will show you a variety of what we can offer, unique ideas, and many different elements that can be catered to your day and make it fun and memorable for you and your guests. Our consultations are always free and are never high pressure. We won't ask you to make a decision or sign any contracts during this meeting, but you're also welcome to book at the meeting if you decide to then. We have a meeting space at Studio Wed in downtown Johnson City, but we also offer the option for online consultations for destination wedding couples or out of town planning. Events can also be booked instantly and easily from your phone or computer.

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