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Hi, I'm Stacie, and I LOVE music!

I am a classically trained musician, band nerd, singer/songwriter, and rock band performer all rolled into one. 

I am a hip hop dance enthusiast, but have studied a variety of forms, and enjoy dancing multiple times a week. 

DJing and mixing music is my passion. I am all about making music and its presentation creative and FUN! 

I always try to have a smile on my face and want to be a joy to anyone I come across. 

I have a theatre, public speaking, and performing arts background and enjoy bringing that level of practice, preparedness, and professionalism to events.  

I am a wife and mom and have a kindness for kids. I have a lot of patience and enjoy seeing young people enjoy music, and even welcome them to come behind the decks and learn about what I am doing.

I like being personable and making every event feel comfortable and not forced.

I enjoy fashion and trends, and am the opposite of a "corny, old wedding DJ", but I also can present traditional party favorites in a fun way. I'm not too good for any song, and welcome everyone to have a great time, regardless of what music they enjoy.

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